22 Month Post

Hooray – I am back to blogging!! I had to take a break for a bit (will explain this more in future posts). This month is the month where mommy and daddy really slacked off! I hardly have any pictures and videos from this month. The boys were sick for half of this month. They had a cough and cold that wouldn’t go away which is probably the reason why we weren’t able to take too many pictures or videos.

Picture and Video of the Month 

Despite the small amount of pictures and videos, we did get some good ones. Sheenal is trying hard to expose the boys to different types of music and not just to the “garbage” I listen to (such as top 40 music). When Shailen gets into a song, he will close his eyes and sway from side to side. Most recently he did this to Landslide. Here’s a video of Shailen really getting into a song –

Shailen really getting into song!

Another really cute thing that Shailen does is sometimes he will make fists and contract his arms, mouth, and body as if he is trying to show his strength. I call it his He-Man pose. Here’s a picture of him doing this.

Shailen showing his strength

Shailen showing his strength


As I always mention in the posts, the older they get, the more interactive and playful the boys become. The boys love listening to itsy bitsy spider and 5 little monkeys and they will do all the associated movements with the songs. When Arjun wants me to sing 5 little monkeys, he will put 1 finger up and shake it vigorously (because that is what I do when I say “no more monkeys jumping on the bed”).

Another game that the boys love is Sheenal will ask the boys if they see a particular animal outside their bedroom window and their response is a long noooooooo with some giggles. Sheenal will ask if they see a zebra or lion, etc.

They love to point out different things They get so excited when they see telephone line repair trucks, excavators, bulldozers, or any other sort of vehicle. They will blow kisses to these vehicles and say hi and bye to them. They also say hi and bye to the squirrels and birds they see while outside. I love how they are so affectionate.

They boys LOVE the park. They run around in the park like madmen. Once we let them out of their strollers, Arjun will run a few laps around the perimeter of the park. He has no interest in playing on the swings and slides. He just wants to run. Shailen, on the other hand, will hold my hand at first and then once he is fine with his surroundings he is running around like crazy. Arjun also likes to “talk” to other kids at the park. By talking, I mean he will go up to an older or younger kid and start babbling. It is the cutest thing. Sometimes the other kid looks at Arjun confused or sometimes the other kid will respond back.

Here are the boys sitting still for one second in their chairs.

Sitting Still!

The boys’ buddy, Luca, came to visit. Luca’s mommy read their favorite book :-).

Playdate with Luca

We got this Stanford hoodie from my my nephew’s old clothes. But neither his mommy or daddy went to Stanford. Regardless, the hoodie is cute so we put it on Arjun. You can make fun of us :-).

Papa and Arjun

Shailen playing with a steering wheel at the Children’s Museum.


Normally, bath time is a fun time for the boys. Though, they will go through short phases where they hate the bath. When they do like the bath, Arjun likes to pour water from one container to another; whereas, Shailen likes to wash his toys. Here’s a video of the boys taking a bath –

Bath Time is Fun!

As I mentioned above, the boys love pointing out things. I will show them a book and they like pointing at the various pictures and wanting me to tell them what the picture is or I will ask them to point out something and then they point to that object with such excitement. Here’s a video of the boys pointing at things in books and getting so excited (also, at the end of the video, they make lots of animal noises) –

Boys pointing to various cars


They boys have gotten attached to a few dolls. Arjun loves the monkey doll that he sleeps with. He normally uses the doll as his pillow or will hug the monkey throughout the night. Also, Shailen and Arjun love their lovey, the bear. They will always have their bear close by during the night. Sometimes they use the bear as a neck warmer and they lay the bear across their neck or they lay close by their bear. We currently own 6 of these bears so that we can be sure we always have a bear on hand!


Cute Pics

And here is one last picture. Here is Arjun with papa at the doctor’s office. Papa sure is keeping this sick boy happy!

Doctor's Office

21 Month Post

Once again I am behind on the blog! The boys recently turned 2 and I am just posting their 21 month post. This month has been a fun and crazy month! The boys are becoming more talkative, affectionate, naughty, and silly!

What I love most about this month is how affectionate the boys have become. Shailen gives me real kisses (and makes the kissing sound when he kisses my cheek). They love their monkey dolls and will constantly be hugging those dolls. Arjun gives me lots of hugs though oftentimes these hugs consist of him putting me in a headlock (hey, I’ll take the hugs however I can get them!).

A minor milestone that happened this month is that the boys’ car seats are now forward facing instead of rear facing. The boys love their car rides so much more now that they are forward facing. They look outside the window and will just say car, car, car. It’s really cute. Another milestone is that Shailen can jump now (Arjun learned how to jump a little while back)!

As far as their naughtiness, they can get into the kitchen drawers now so we had to move all our forks, knifes, and other sharp things to higher ground. They also like throwing things in the oven. I’m not sure why this is amusing. Somehow Arjun managed to turn the oven on after he threw his baby spoon in! Thankfully, I caught this before any real damage occurred.

I’ll kick off the post with some papa and Shailen selfies. They look just like one another! The bigger the boys get, the more and more Shailen looks like Sheenal. I think Arjun is starting to look a little like me (but he too looks more like his father).

Shailen and Daddy Selfie

Shailen and Daddy Selfie

The below picture cracks me up – Sheenal and Shailen look just like one another!

Shailen Selfie

Nanu Visit

Once again Nanu did his monthly visit and as always the boys had a ton of fun.

One fun new game the boys played with Nanu is they would touch his arm and leg and then Nanu would make a funny sound. This cracked them up. Here’s a video of them playing this game with Nanu – Playing with Nanu!

And here are some more pictures from Nanu’s visit!

Nanu and Shailen doing important work (i.e. Nanu playing Candy Crush and Shailen playing with a broken phone)

Nanu and Shailen doing important work (i.e. Nanu playing Candy Crush and Shailen playing with a broken phone)

Nanu reading to the boys.

Nanu reading to the boys.

Nanu and Arjun

Nanu and Arjun


The boys love following directions in a song. They love 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed and will do all the appropriate moves with the song. We made up a game called “march around the table”. In this game, we ask them to march, run, jump, etc. around the table and they follow the commands. It’s really cute watching them do this. Here’s a video of the boys playing this game – March around the table game.

The boys are naughty as ever! They know there are certain things we don’t like them to touch like outlets and the outlet box. They will purposefully touch these things in front of me and laugh hysterically. Here’s a video of the boys touching something they shouldn’t and having so much fun doing this – Boys being naughty!

We are getting the boys to do “chores” which I think they think is a game. They help us empty the dishwasher. They will pull a dish out of the dishwasher and then either set it on the counter or give it to us. They also like throwing their pjs into the laundry basket and using wash cloths to clean any water spills. Hopefully, they will continue to view these chores as games!

Something the boys never tire of is rolling their cars back and forth. Sometimes they will do this for a good ten minutes and they will stare at the tires while they are moving the cars back and forth. I wonder how this can capture their attention for such a long period of time.

Here are some pictures of the boys playing with cars:

Trucks and books trucks and books 2


The boys are picking up new words in English and making up words in their language. My favorite word of theirs in their twin language is “bitshaaa”. When they say this word, it means they are going to do something naughty like jump off of something or destroy something. Sometimes they will say this word in unison and then I know I’m in trouble :-).

They sometimes will feed each other and after giving a spoonful of food, one of them will say “gooooood”. They are mimicking me because I will feed them and then say that was goooood, right?

They both are exerting their independence more. They know how to say the word “no” and will say that word often :-). Also, they will say “me” a lot. When I change Shailen’s diaper, sometimes Arjun will jump on my lap and say “me, me, me” because he wants me to pay attention to him. Sometimes I wished I had 4 hands so I could play with him while changing poop diapers.

New words they are saying this month are eye, hop, bus, down, go, nana (grandfather in hindi), gob gob, me, baby, boo, wa wa (for water), choo cho, good, cheese, school, hi, neigh, toe, and cow.

Here’s a video of the boys talking to each other – Boys talking and playing


The boys are still good eaters (knock on wood)! Thankfully, we have identified some veggies that they have no problem eating. In particular, they love green beans and broccoli.

Here’s a video of Shailen messing around at dinner – Shailen dancing instead of eating . It’s so cute and always brings a smile to my face.

We didn’t introduce the boys to peanut butter for the longest time in fear that they might have an allergy. So far, they have not had any food allergies. The boys love peanut butter and can’t stop eating it. Here are the boys eating peanut butter while I’m making their dinner – Yummy – Peanut Butter!

Boys love their green beans!

Boys love their green beans!

And they love peanut butter!

And they love peanut butter!

Haircut Time!

We no longer take the boys to a kids’ haircut place. Papa is in charge of cutting the boys’ hair since Snippets did such a horrible job with Arjun’s hair. The lady there rushed through his haircut and cut his neck! After that happened, I refused to let her touch Shailen’s hair. She did such a bad job cutting Arjun’s hair. At least, papa was able to cut Shailen’s hair properly.

Now when we need to cut the boys’ hair, we set up shop in our family room and let the boys watch Dora or Curious George. The boys are much happier having their hair cut at home and their haircuts turn out much better due to Dad’s awesome haircut skills.

Daddy cutting Shailen's hair

Daddy cutting Shailen’s hair

Brush Your Teeth!

The boys no longer let us brush their teeth! They still let Asha, our nanny, brush their teeth in the morning. In the evening, they refuse to let mama and papa touch their toothbrushes.

Here’s a picture of the boys attempting to brush their teeth (with their toothpaste, they don’t have to spit the toothpaste out).

brush your teeth

Bath Time

The boys love their bath time. Shailen especially loves bath time. They love to splash their hands in the water and play with the water coming out of the faucet. In particular, Arjun likes to fill the yogurt containers we use as bath toys with water and then dump the water out. He seems to be in deep concentration when he is filling and emptying the yogurt container.

Here’s a video of the boys talking and playing in the bath – Talking and Playing in Bath

Shailen having so much fun!

Shailen having so much fun!

bath time

Cute Pics

I started off the post with Shailen and papa pictures so I’ll end the post with Arjun and papa pictures. Enjoy!

Daddy and Arjun

Daddy and Arjun

selfie 2


20 Month Recap

The boys will be turning 23 months in little over a week and I’m writing about Month 20 just now. They are growing up so fast! Hopefully, my blog writing can catch up with them one day.

I would characterize Month 20 as the month that the boys really started hitting (each other and me!) and being really clingy to me – not sure what is happening developmentally to trigger this. Also, Month 20 was the month where the boys (well mainly Shailen) started waking up between 4am and 4:30am. I think I was about to go crazy this month!! The good news is that the boys are sleeping really well now (knock on wood) and the boys are not clingy and hit A LOT less. I wish during month 20 that I would have known that the boys were going through a phase and that they would be back to their sweet selves by Month 22.

Favorite Pictures & Videos

Despite the hitting and clinginess, there were a lot of good moments during Month 20. Below are some of my favorite pictures from this month:

We went to DC for Christmas. Here’s a picture of my sweet nephew, Veer, walking with Shailen. Of course, Shailen is holding a stick. He must always hold a stick when he walks!

Shailen & Veer

Shailen & Veer

When we were in DC, my sister had a photographer take pictures of the family. Here’s a really cute picture of my niece and nephew!

Veer & Leela

Veer & Leela

Another picture from the photoshoot. Arjun hugging Veer. Arjun is wearing a fancy shirt and skinny jeans – hehe.

Arjun & Veer

Arjun & Veer

Another cute photo from the photo shoot – Shailen having fun outside.



Here’s a non-photo shoot pic. Arjun is once again hugging Veer. He loves Veer so much!

Arjun hugging Veer

Arjun hugging Veer

Below are my favorite videos from this month. Arjun was doing backwards somersaults in DC and the boys hug each other often (and will do it on command too)!

Arjun doing somersaults



We spent a week in DC with the Singh fam! The boys really enjoyed hanging out with Veer. They would hug him a lot (esp Arjun) and they would follow Veer around. It was very sweet watching them together. The boys, though, were scared of Leela. If you put Leela in front of them, then they would run away. I’m not sure why since Leela is such a smiley and happy baby.

Below is a family shot from the photo shoot my sister arranged.

Singh Fam

Singh Fam!!

Christmas Day!

Spending Christmas with the Singh family was a lot of fun. The grownups do Secret Santa where we are suppose to get an inexpensive gift for the person that is assigned to us. No one, though, follows the price limit and a lot of times there is a lot of blabbing going on so people can pretty much figure out who has who. This year I was assigned to get Sheenal a gift. All he wanted was warm winter boots so that’s what I got him. Good thing I did because we have had such a cold winter!

Here are some pictures from Christmas Day.

Boys on Christmas!

Boys unwrapping presents!


Mamas & Their Babies

An attempt to do a mommies and kids shot.


One big realization we made while in DC is seeing that the boys LOVE forts. When we were inside the house, they were mainly playing with the couch seat cushions. Veer loved constructing the fort with Sheenal and then the boys would hide in the fort with Veer. Sometimes we turned the seat cushions into ramps where the boys could run up and down the seat cushions and do backwards somersaults (there is a video above under favorite pictures and videos that shows Arjun’s skills).



Hanging with the Singh Fam!

My boys loved hanging out with my parents. Here the boys are reading a book with Nanu.

Nanu reading to boys

And they of course read books with Nani too!Nanee & Twins

And’s here a cute picture of Nani reading to Arjun.

Nanee & Arjun

Nanu giving Arjun a snack (with the dinosaur photobombing this picture)

Nanu feeding Arjun

Shailen spending quality time with Mamu (and grabbing his nose!)

Mamu & Shailen

Saurabh Mamu & Cars

My brother is making good money after years in residency and medical school. What does he do with his newfound wealth? He buys cars …

He bought a Tesla for himself ….


And got my dad a car for Christmas (in the picture Shailen is looking at a book with Nanu that came with the car). Saurabh obviously was not following the Secret Santa price limit.

Nanu & Shailen

And he got a fancy car for the boys too – hehe


Attack of the Dinosaurs!

Instead of Elf on the Shelf, we decided to use dinosaurs instead. We thought Veer would get a kick out of seeing dinosaurs come to life. Our inspiration came from – https://www.facebook.com/dinovember.

After Veer went to bed, the dinos had a board game party. When Veer saw the dinosaurs, the first thing he said was “Nani won’t like this.” He said this because my mom does not like mess and these dinos are causing a mess here.

Dino 1

For the next night, the dinos played with Veer’s Thomas the Train tracks. When Veer saw the dinos the next morning, he was miffed they were playing with his toys but then he got over that and giggled.

Dino 1.2

The next evening, the dinos decided to take over the Chirstmas Tree. Veer started calling the dinos naughtly after this. He would laugh when he said this.

Dino 2.5

The night before Chirstmas, the dinos ate Santa’s cookies and left popcorn instead for Santa. They also wrote a note to Santa explaining this. When Veer saw this, he had enough of the dinosaurs. He wanted to put them in time out!

Dino 2

The dinos then spent the day in time out. That evening, they drew a picture for Veer and apologized. When Veer saw this the next morning, he became friends again with the dinos.

Dino 3

The following night, the dinos continued to not being naughty and tried to make a meal for Veer.

Dino 4

I don’t have the final picture but for the last thing we did, Veer saw the dinosaurs leaving the house. We assured Veer that they would come back next year!


One of my favorite activities with the boys is asking them to point to different animals or vehicles. They get so excited to point out the object I am referring to. And I love the sounds they make when they are pointing at particular animals. Below are videos of the boys pointing at different things.

Arjun pointing out cars

Shailen pointing out animals


We have had lots of snow this winter. It’s hard to keep the boys inside all day (even if we go to an indoor playspace) so we try to take them on short walks. Below is a picture of the boys trudging through snow. They were walking in a single file line so this picture makes me think of little ducklings.

My little ducklings

My little ducklings

Shailen enjoying his walk in the snow.



The boys are so active and always running around. They chase each other around quite a bit. They love the songs in their music class and will follow what the teacher does. At home we’ll listen to the songs and they are do the moves they were taught in class. My favorite is when they listen to the one cold an frosty morning song. They will squat and bounce up and down. Then, they hop into the air when the song says that. It is really cute to watch.

A new game they love playing is “march around the table”. I will start marching around the dining room table. They will then start marching. I then give them simple commands (like let’s run around the table or put our hands on our head around the table) and they will copy what I am doing. Arjun especially loves this game.

One of their favorite games is hide and seek. What I love about this game is they think they are hiding if I can’t see their face. They may put their sippy cup or a monkey doll in front of their face and think that I can’t see them. When I get close to them, they giggle and I use their giggles as the reason I found them. Below the boys are hiding from me – hehe.

Boys "hiding" from me

Boys “hiding” from me

Another favorite game of the boys is they will touch the outlets and I’ll pretend to get mad at them. The outlets have outlet safety covers on them so I don’t care if they touch the outlets. When they touch the outlets, I will say their names in a way they think is funny and then they will take turns touching the outlet and  laugh hysterically.

Being naughty - touching the outlet

Being naughty – touching the outlet

The boys love to copy what we do. They like sweeping and fight over the broom! It is very cute to watch them sweep. Arjun likes to help with emptying the dishwasher. He’ll take the spoons out of the dishwasher to the coffee table and then “inspects” them. Then, he’ll give them to me to put away.

Boys love to sweep!

Boys love to sweep!

And here’s the picture of the boys’ favorite room. They like to run into this room when they are hiding from me.

Arjun hiding

Arjun hiding

One new development is the boys are no longer scared of bounce houses. Yay! They love them. We are ready to go to Chicago summer street festivals (which oftentimes have bounce houses)!


The boys continue to be good eaters (knock on wood). We had them sitting in their high chairs on their own for awhile. We changed this arrangement so that they are sitting at the adult table and eat.

Here’s a picture of the old way:

Old way of eating

Old way of eating

And here’s how we feed them now!

New way of eating

New way of eating

Currently, we have them eating next to each other rather than across from each other but they are still at the adult table. I think they enjoy being at the adult time and it’s easier to feed them this way!


I’m trying to keep a running list of the words the boys are saying so that when they go for their 2 year checkup, the doctor can tell me if the boys are talking enough. I think they’re fine but the grandparents are putting doubts in my head. I figure it would be fun to keep a list anyways so I am.

So far Shailen is saying – car, mama, papa, baby, me, tea, come, hop, gob gob (yes – I’m counting this as a word!), up, beep, and done.

Arjun isn’t talking as much. He is saying – car, papa, mama, tractor, and up.

Cute Pics

As always, here are some additional cute pictures of my babies!

Papa giving Shailen a goodnight hug.

Papa giving Shailen a goodnight hug.


Boys taking a nap on papa

Boys taking a nap on papa


Arjun & Sheenal Selfie

Arjun & Sheenal Selfie – they look just like each other!


19 Month Post

The boys turned 22 months almost a week ago but today I am posting about their 19th month. Oh well … hopefully, I will be able to catch up soon!

This month the boys have really been getting use to the house and loving all the space that they have. Also, this is the month that I really have been noticing that they understand what I am saying. It’s really cool to watch them follow a simple command or see them pointing to something in a book that you asked them to point to. They are also saying more words – hooray!

Pictures and Video of the Month

Below are my favorite pictures and video of the month. The first picture is of Sheenal, me, and the boys at Neil’s birthday party. Once again they are sitting at the little kids’ table :-). I think they particularly liked drinking apple juice from the juice box.

Neil's Birthday party

Neil’s Birthday party

The first room we decorated in the house is the nursery (of course!). We put up wall decals of various vehicles (cars, trucks, planes, trains, helicopters, etc.). It was so fun watching the boys enter the room for the first time after we put up the wall decals. For the first few minutes, they were going nuts in the room pointing at the different vehicles saying, “car, car, car”. Every morning when they wake up and I come into the room, the first thing they do is they point at the various vehicles and say car. The effort it took to put the wall decals up was all worth it!

Arjun loving the wall decals!

Arjun loving the wall decals!

My favorite video from this month is a video of the boys talking to each other in their language. They sometimes have an intense conversation! Below is a video of one of those conversations.

Shailen and Arjun having an intense conversation


The boys’ got their first taste of snow this month! I loved watching them see snow for the first time. We took them outside when it was snowing a lot. At first, they just pointed at the snow. Then, they opened their mouths or stuck out their tongues trying to taste the snow. They were quite unsure of what to do when they saw snow on the ground. I had to first walk in the snow before they would venture in the snow and they only walked in the snow if I was holding their hand :-). I made a snow angel which cracked the boys up.

Below is a rare picture of me with the boys (because I’m usually taking the pictures or look too dishelved to be in the picture). I love Shailen’s expression – he’s having a ball stomping in the snow. Arjun looks like he can’t move with all the winter gear we put on him :-).

Having fun in the snow with mommy!

Having fun in the snow with mommy!

Below are pictures of the boys’ expression when we took them out while it was snowing.

Arjun having fun watching snow fall down

Arjun having fun watching snow fall down

Shailen having fun with snow

The snow making Shailen smile.


Arjun still all smiles.


The boys hanging out!

Here’s a video of the boys’ watching the snow and pointing at the snow –

Noticing and feeling snow!

Talking and Music Class

As I mentioned earlier, the boys are saying more words! When Shailen wants attention, he will sit on your lap and say me, me, me! He will normally do this when I am changing Arjun’s diaper and he wants me to look at what he is doing. One of the more challenging aspects of having twins is changing one kids’ poop diaper while the other one is climbing all over you or deciding to “help” by pulling lots of diaper wipes out of the box to give to you (I simply smile and say thank you when this happens because it’s the thought that counts, right?) :-).

Arjun has started saying tractor! It’s so funny that one of the few words he says is a complicated word like tractor. I guess this shows how much he loves tractors! He loves pointing at tractors in books and then saying the word.

The boys LOVE animals. They particularly like lions and monkeys. In books, they always point out the lions and monkeys. They also will point out the zebras, pigs, elephants, and alligators. They are becoming particularly good at making animal noises. When you say butterfly or point at a butterfly, Shailen will put his hands in the air and twirl them while saying “ahhhhhhh”. I’m not sure where he came up with that but it’s so cute.

The boys started music class this month. They go to music class twice a week (on Wednesdays with Asha (our awesome nanny) and on Saturdays with Sheenal and me). I know the boys are shy but I didn’t realize how shy they are until the music class. They would not leave my lap! Hopefully, after going to a few more classes, they won’t be as shy and will venture away from my lap.

The boys love children’s songs and, like most kids, love wheels on the bus. Sheenal can now make the motion of having his arms circle around one another. When he does that, he wants us to sing wheels on the bus. It’s nonstop singing Wheels on the Bus in our house at the moment :-).


Both sets of grandparents and my brother came to visit for Thanksgiving! The boys’ had a blast with the grandparents spoiling them and Sheenal and I loved having everyone over because that meant we got extra help with opening moving boxes :-). Mama Singh did a great job with organizing the kitchen. And the granddads and Sheenal did some babyproofing and replaced a bunch of lightbulbs with more energy efficient bulbs (something that really excited Sheenal).

Sheenal and I got a kick out of dressing the boys in similar clothes to confuse the grandparents. The grandparents were always messing up on who was who especially if the boys were not standing next to each other.

Below are some shots of the boys with everyone.

Nanu giving boys chocolate

Nanu giving boys chocolate. I love how excited they look! And Sheenal is doing something with a lightbulb in the background.

At children's museum

Nanu and Nanee at the children’s museum. I must confess I don’t know which twin this is ( I know how ironic this is especially since I just made fun of the grandparents above). One of the boys is “making” a pizza.

Reading to boys

Dada reading to the boys.

Mamu reading to the boys

Mamu reading to Shailen.

While we made Thanksgiving dinner, the boys were running all over the place. Here, they are chasing each other. What I love about this video is that around the 34 second mark, they stop chasing each other and start dancing because they hear a song on pandora (pandora is on not the tv) that they like.

Stopping to Dance 


Below are some pictures of the boys on play dates. These pictures may be from Month 18 rather than Month 19 but since I forgot to post this in the Month 18 post, they are posted here :-).

Last playdate with Morgan :-(

Last playdate with Morgan :-(

Luca, Arjun, & Shailen

Luca, Arjun, & Shailen at Children’s Museum


The boys are doing more imaginative play and are playing with each other or at least right next to each other quite a lot. My favorite game of theirs is when they I’m sitting at one end of the hallway and they run to the other end. When they do this, I say, “Bye, have a good day at school.” Then, when they reach the end of the hallway they turn around and then run at full speed towards me. When, they collide into me, I give them a big hug and ask them how school was.

Below the boys are making food :-). I like how they taste their food while they are making it. They are just like mommy :-).

Making food

Making food

Since we  are no longer walking distance from the Children’s Museum, the boys don’t go there as often. We are, though, walking distance from an awesome indoor play space call Explore and Much More. The boys love it. Below is a picture of Arjun hanging out on a swing and Shailen inspecting the swing.

Explore and Much More

Explore and Much More

Here the boys are putting bolts into something at the Children’s Museum.

Children's Museum

Children’s Museum

The boys’ especially love one particular room in the house. It is a tiny room that I think was suppose to be a storage closet. The previous owner painted the walls a bright green and put wall decals of animals on the walls. The ceilings are low and the room is narrow. From the decor and dimensions of the room, it has turned into a perfect spot for the boys. They love pointing at the animals and hanging out in there. In the below picture, I think the boys are trying to think of what more mischief they can do :-).

Having fun in their hideout

Having fun in their hideout

The below picture cracks me up. Arjun can turn anything into a dangerous activity! He has figured out how to defeat the safety gates by walking up the stairs in the below manner. He always keeps us on our toes!

Finding a way to defeat the safety gate

Finding a way to defeat the safety gate

Cute Pics

And finally here are some more cute pictures of the boys.

Typical weekend morning

Typical weekend morning

Shailen selfie

Shailen selfie


Shailen looking like a hipster

photo 2Above – daddy is reading to Shailen.


18 Month Recap

We moved to a house in November! Because of the move and the holidays, I am once again really behind on the blog. The boys are growing up so fast! The boys are 21 months now and I’m just now getting to their 18 month post. Hopefully, the blog will be up-to-date by the time they turn 22 months :-).

I would characterize this month as the month of the boys’ temper tantrums really coming out. I thought I had seen a temper tantrum before. I quickly realized I was wrong when I witnessed a full blown temper tantrum. When Arjun is throwing a fit, he will lay down on the floor, cry, and kick his legs wildly. Shailen, on the other hand, has a little temper tantrum dance. He will cry and then do a hop/skip move up and down the room. It’s pretty funny to watch, but his cry hurts your ears – it is at such an irritating pitch.

Favorite Pictures / Video of the Month

Though the boys are throwing more temper tantrums, they are also showing a lot of affection. They will hug each other when you ask one of them to hug his brother.

Here’s a picture of the boys’ hugging each other in their new bedroom:

Boys hugging

Boys hugging

Another thing the boys love doing is playing in their new backyard! The backyard is tiny but is a good enough size for the boys. Here are the boys riding their bike thingie (I don’t know what it is called) together.

Boys playing in backyard

Boys playing in backyard

My favorite video from this month is Shailen looking at himself. He loves looking at his reflection! When he sees himself in the mirror or on the ipnone, then he will immediately start making faces and laughing.

Here’s a video of Shailen watching himself on the iphone:

Shailen looking at himself

Nanu’s Visit

As usual, Nanu made his monthly visit and the boys loved hanging out with their Nanu. Their favorite activity with Nanu is sitting in his lap while Nanu reads a story to them. Another favorite activity of theirs is Nanu playing a tickling game with them.

Nanu with the kids

Nanu with the kids

Doctor’s Visit

The boys had their 18 month checkup. Arjun is in the 80th percentile for weight, 90th percentile for length, and 50th for head circumference. Shailen is in the 60% percentile for length and weight and 70th percentile for head circumference. Their next checkup will be when they turn 2.

One nice thing from the doctor’s visit is I’m less concerned about them not saying that many words. Shailen is probably saying 5 words or so at this point. Arjun is probably saying 3 or 4 words at this point. The doctor is happy they are saying at least one word so she is not concerned.


I love seeing the boys grow up. The older they get, the more active and curious they become.

They love looking at books that have pictures of animals and cars/buses/trains/trucks/planes. If you ask them what sound a cow or pig makes, then they will make a cow or pig sound. They also know their body parts. They know where their head, tongue, foot, belly button, and other body parts are. My favorite is when you ask them where their tongues are, they will stick out their tongues. If you ask Shailen where his eyes are, then he will blink his eyes in an exaggerated manner. It’s so cute and you really then notice how long his eyelashes are.

They also have started blowing kisses. If you ask for a kiss, then they will put their hands to their mouths and then make a kissing sound and then move their hands away from their face. It looks like they are sending their kiss your way. This also melts my heart (everything they do melts my heart :-)).


Something new I’m seeing the boys do is they are stacking blocks more and more and doing a great job. They can stack 4-5 blocks before the stack crashes to the ground. Also, Arjun has really mastered his jumping skills. The pediatrician said that kids don’t jump until around 2 years. Arjun can already do this! Seems like Arjun is fast with his mobility skills but slower with this language skills.

And here are some pictures / videos of the boys doing activities that they always love.

As I stated in my last post, hanging out with the boys is one big dance party. Here’s a video of Shailen dancing at the Children’s Museum:

Shailen Dancing

Shailen loved the sock skating rink at the Children’s Museum. Here’s a picture of pure joy on Shailen’s face.

Having fun at children's museum

Having fun at children’s museum

One new thing we introduced the boys to is coloring / drawing. We taped paper to their high chair trays and gave them crayons. Shailen will move his crayon from side to side so it looks like he is coloring. Arjun will move his crayon up in the air and then hit it on the paper so his paper has a bunch of dots on it. It’s too early to see if they will have their daddy’s artistic side or if they will have no talents like mommy :-).

The boys drawing for first time!

The boys drawing for first time!

I found a great way to snap the babies out of a bad mood is to give them a roll of toilet paper. They go crazy and giggle as they tear up the toilet paper. I know its’ a waste to do this so I use toilet paper in extreme emergencies :-). Here’s a picture of the boys having fun with toilet paper.

Who knew ripping toilet paper could be so much fun!

Who knew ripping toilet paper could be so much fun!

Arjun has a talent of turning any object into a potentially dangerous activity. Here’s Arjun using the gate door as a swing.

Arjun Swinging

Arjun Swinging

The boys love boxes! If we open any big boxes, we make sure we save it for a day or two so that the boys can play in it. They love climbing into and out of the boxes as well as being pulled/pushed in the boxes. Here is a picture of my cuties hanging out in a box.

Hanging out in a box!

Hanging out in a box!

We finally got a ride on toy (thanks to our real estate broker)! My poor Arjun was trying to sit on small cars and trucks and ride on them. I mentioned this to our real estate broker (the one who helped us find our current house). He then got us a really cute ride on toy for Arjun and Shailen as part of our housewarming gift :-). Here’s Arjun riding his bike/scooter in the basement (which is the boys’ playroom). Arjun is very happy with this toy!

Ride on toys



After the move, the boys are getting up closer to 5am than 6am. Oh well … I think them getting up at 5am is their natural waking up time. We would love it if they went to bed later and got up later, but what can you do.

What I love is after the kids go to bed, Sheenal and I will wait 30 minutes and then we will sneak in their rooms to put a blanket on them and put a little car or train in the crib (in hopes that the car and/or train will entertain them when they wake up thus giving mommy and daddy a few extra minutes of sleep. so far the car/train does not entertain them). We always find that Arjun is sleeping with his teddy bear lovey on his neck ( I can see how his lovey is a good neck warmer) and we usually find that Shailen has one of his feet between the crib bars and sticking out of the crib.

Birthday Parties

As you know from previous posts, the boys have an active social calendar. They went to their twin friends’ bday party and sat at the big kids’ table for the first time. My heart melted watching them eat (well .. quasi eat) at the big kids’ table. They had crackers for the first time. Shailen was definitely the mischievous one at the birthday party. He was putting his crackers on the floor and trying to put his hands in drinks.

Here’s a picture of them at the big kids’ table.

Sitting at big kid table

Sitting at big kid table

And here’s a picture of Arjun with Vineeta Masi. Masi knew how to capture Arjun’s attention – she showed him a small tracker toy and then Arjun was glued to her lap (until he heard mommy’s voice).

Hanging out with Vineeta Masi

Hanging out with Vineeta Masi

Cute Pics

And here are some other pictures from the month. Of course we have a selfie pic because you know how Sheenal loves doing those :-). The last picture is a picture of Shailen wearing glasses while drinking milk. Shailen could totally be a hipster.

Arjun & Daddy selfie

Arjun & Daddy selfie

Shailen having an intellecutal morning

Shailen having an intellecutal morning

17 Month Recap

I am happy to say that after I post this entry, I will be caught up! They will be turning 19 months next week.
The boys are so much fun. I love this age. People told me that having twins at the beginning is hard but as the twins get older, raising them gets easier and the boys are lucky in that they always have a playmate and friend. For the first 9 months, I was very stressed – I felt like each day I was trying to stay afloat. After that 9 month period, I saw that as the boys got older and they could do more things (like crawling/walking), I didn’t feel like I needed an extra set of hands. Now when someone makes a comment regarding how much work it is to have twins, I tell them twins keep you busy but it’s a lot of fun.
This month can be characterized as the month that the boys were really playing with each other. Before, they would acknowledge each other and play with each other from time to time. Now, they play with each other consistently! They chase each other around and play hide and seek. They also talk to each other in the morning when they wake up and sometimes when they are going to bed. They have their own language and laugh quite a bit with each other. When they talk to each other, it sounds like they are making dinosaur noises :-).
We always had the sense that Shailen is the more talkative twin. I think our intuition is coming true. Shailen is consistently babbling and having conversations with us in his babble talk. Here’s a video of Shailen having something very important to tell us – Shailen has something to say.

Just like we had a feeling that Shailen is the talkative one, we always had the sense that Arjun is the more active twin in that he runs and climbs more (but Shailen certainly does a lot of this too). Lately, Arjun has been trying to jump. I never realized that jumping up and down is a skill you learn. My doctor told me that kids don’t jump until they are two. Here’s a video of Arjun trying to jump (he gets really close!) – Arjun trying to jump. So far Arjun has been successful in jumping up and down one time (on September 26th!).


We had our 17 month photo shoot!! We had the photo shoot at my law school in the courtyard. It was the perfect place since it was outdoors but enclosed so the boys could run around everywhere and we didn’t have to worry. Also, since I was able to reserve the courtyard, we were the only ones there!

Below are a few pictures from the photo shoot!

Here’s one of the family pictures. I am amazed that our photographer, Inna, could get a decent shot of all of us together. The boys (especially Shailen!) were not making Inna’s job easy. They were running around everywhere and would not sit still!

I love this picture of Shailen! I am so suprised we got good pictures of Shailen. Shailen wanted to do his own thing for the photo shoot. It was hard to get him to look at the camera and smile. But I guess you don’t need to smile or look at the camera to have good pictures (see below)!

Shailen striking a pose and looking like a Bollywood actor :-).

And here’s a picture of Arjun! Arjun was constantly smiling for the camera so we got lots of pictures with his cute smile :-).

Arjun all smiles!


We didn’t take the boys trick or treating because they would not be able to eat the candy, and I didn’t think they would find trick or treating fun this year. Next year, though, I’m sure they will be all into trick or treating! Even though they didn’t dress up for Halloween, that didn’t mean we didn’t have plenty opportunities to put them in Halloween costumes! The boys went to a costume birthday party and we dressed them up in costumes to go to places like the Children’s Museum just because it was the month of October.

Here are the boys all dressed up and ready to go to Kameren’s bday party! Shailen is Clark Kent and Arjun is Superman. We got a lot of compliments on their costumes and it was really easy to put their costumes together.

Clark Kent and Superman

Though, we really liked the Clark Kent and Superman idea, it was hard for Shailen to keep the glasses on and I felt bad Shailen did not have a cape. So for the rest of the month, Shailen was batman and Arjun was superman!

We randomly dressed them up on a Sunday and called it Superhero Sunday!

Superhero Sunday



Batman and Superman looking out the window to see if there is any saving they need to be doing:

In the month of October, we also dressed the boys up in their superhero shirts for their trip to the Children’s Museum. The Children’s Museum had a monster bash party and they encouraged kids to dress up. We went to the monster bash and Arjun and Shailen were the only ones dressed up! Here’s Arjun sliding down a ramp in his cape.


Veer and Leela Visit

The boys are so lucky in that they got to see Veer & Leela this month after seeing them last month. Veer, Leela, and my sister came to visit since my sister had to take her board exam in Chicago. Since my sister, Veer, and Leela were in Chicago, my parents came to visit at the same time!

The boys had a blast! They love Veer. They loved playing with him. When Veer walked into the room, they were immediately go up to him and want to play with him. Also, Arjun was constantly giving hugs to Veer. Veer was such a good playmate. He would play cars or legos with them. And they loved chasing each other around. Here’s a video of the boys playing chase at the park – Playing chase with Veer.

Here’s a cute picture of the boys with Veer.

The boys!

And here’s a picture of Masi keeping the kiddos entertained! You can never go wrong with playing cars!

Hanging out at park

And this is a picture of what my cutie pies did most of the time. They would roll their cars back and forth while being close to one another.


And here’s a pic of one of the many hugs Arjun would give to Veer.

Best Buds

The boys would notice Leela from time to time. I’m sure when she is older, the boys will be playing a lot with her. Here’s a picture of Arjun sharing his car with Leela! All I can say is that Leela is such a happy and sweet baby. I have never seen a baby smile so much! I just want to eat her up!


Here’s another picture of Masi playing with the boys. The boys really put her to work!

Putting Masi to work!

Arjun loves to cuddle and so does Nani. Here’s a picture of Arjun hanging out with Nani and Nani couldn’t be happier! And once again I have more pictures of Arjun than Shailen during a family visit. My guess is that is because Shailen does not go to people as easily as Arjun does.


One evening, I took Veer to a bowling birthday party. Since the boys are too little to bowl, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to have one on one time with Veer. He is such a cutie pie. He loved bowling and had so much fun at Eden’s birthday party!

about to go to bday party!


I’m so sad the next time we see Veer & Leela will be in December. I know the boys will be so happy when they see their cousins again!


I feel like we have a constant dance party at home. They boys love to dance to Indian music and to American music. Shailen will dance from side to side and Arjun will bounce up and down. I love dancing with them!

Here’s a video of the boys dancing at the monster bash at the Children’s Museum – Boys dancing at Children’s Museum.


Crazy Babies

All I can say is that my babies are CRAZY! Their craziness is one of the main reasons they are so much fun. Here are some examples of their craziness

Example 1 (boys are dancing but then Arjun decides to slam himself backwards on the couch. Shailen soon starts to copy Arjun :-) )

Example 2 (Arjun running on mattresses on the floor (long story why our guest room is like that) and fall backwards on purpose)


The boys (in particular Shailen) have been waking up at 4am! It has been driving us nuts and the boys are cranky because of it. It’s especially hard when one of the boys wakes up super early and the other wakes up at a decent hour because then they eat and sleep at different times (so mommy and daddy do not get any breaks!). I got to my breaking point and we hired a sleep consultant which helped a lot.

Here’s Shailen sleeping an hour or so after waking up at 4am!

Shailen sleeping after waking up at 4am

The sleep consultant pointed out some things we were doing that were making it harder for the boys to sleep on their own (like me sitting in the room while they fall asleep). And we did have to let them cry a little :-(. Now the boys are waking up between 5am and 6am and they are taking 1.5-2.5 hour naps!


As usual, the boys went to the parks a bunch of times. At the park, they love chasing each other in circles or playing with cars. Here are some videos and pictures of this.

Running in Circles

Playing with cars

Going down slide with car


One really cute thing that Shailen does when he is outside is that he likes to look up into the sky. I don’t know if he is looking at the buildings, trees, or sky itself. He looks up in wonderment. He’s my thinker – I wish I knew what he was thinking about!

Looking at the sky

The boys were out with Asha (their nanny) and a fireman came by and gave them hats! What fun!

Shailen wearing a fireman hat

Arjun wearing the hat too!


One of the boys’ favorite times is bath time! Their daddy gives them baths. They normally take a bath one at a time. I will be with one while Sheenal is giving a bath to another. At the end of the bath, Sheenal let’s the boys have “relaxing” time where he will let whoever he has in the bath, lay back in the water while he holds their head. They look so relaxed when doing this. Needless to say, daddy gives the best baths!

Bath time!


Cute Pics

And here are some more cute pics of the boys!

How did daddy dress me?



16 Month Recap

This is my second post this week! As you can tell, I am playing some catch up as the boys are 18 months now and I am writing their 16 month recap.

The great thing about this month is that my cutie pies are no longer little babies and instead are little boys with such great personalities. They are so interactive. They amaze me everyday with the new things they are doing or noticing.

Also, this month was great because we put an offer down on a house and the offer was accepted! Our closing is November 8th but we won’t be officially living at our new place until November 21st. I am so excited about the house! We will be living in Southport (a really child friendly neighborhood in Chicago) and will have a lot more space! The basement will be the boys’ playroom and Sheenal and I will be able to have a family room that hopefully won’t have many toys in it :-).

Videos of Month

There were too many cute videos of the boys from this month!

The cutest thing that Shailen did this month was notice and play with his shadow. When I was putting his pjs on, I noticed he was looking at the wall strangely. Then, he approached the wall and started waving at something and started babbling to something. I had no idea what he was doing at first. Then, I realized that he noticed his shadow and was playing with it. It’s the coolest thing to watch your child see / learn something for the first time. Here’s the video of Shailen playing with his shadow – Shailen playing with his shadow .

As you can see from my previous posts, the boys LOVE dancing. I think dancing is probably their second most favorite thing to do (playing with cars / trains is their most favorite thing). Here’s a video of the boys dancing while I sing Wheels on the Bus and then the boys decide to march (we are at the Children’s Museum in this video – the boys’ favorite place at the museum is the ramp that they are marching on in the video) Dancing & Marching .

Another cute thing the boys do is that they will go in circles when you say the word circle and will march when you say march. I am embarrassed to say, but the boys learned about circles and marching from Yo Gabba Gabba. The boys watch 10-15 minutes of the show in the morning right when they get up (so I can make their breakfast, change their diapers quickly, warm their milk, and most importantly have my coffee) and 10-15 minutes of the show when I am making their dinner. Here’s the cute video –  Going in Circles .


We finally decided to have the boys go to a kids’ salon for their haircut. The kids’ salon was great – there were little cars the boys could sit in while getting their haircut and there were a bunch of toys they could play with. Also, everyone there was kid friendly and no one looked at you twice when your kid was screaming his head off.

Arjun, as usual, was unfazed by the haircut. He got his haircut with no problems and looked relaxed when he was getting his haircut – he looked like he was at the spa :-). Here’s a video of Arjun getting their haircut – Big Boy Haircut!

My Shailen, though, had a hard time with his haircut. He was screaming the whole time :-(. One of the hairdressers was hugging him while the other was cutting his hair quickly. Thankfully, the haircut was over in no time.

Nani Visit

Nani came to visit to help me while Sheenal was out of town. Sheenal went on a biking trip with his buddy Andy which involved him biking on a mountain in the middle of nowhere in rain and mud and staying in cabins that had no electricity. Not my idea of fun, but Sheenal loved the trip. Andy and his wife got the boys the teddy bears that they sleep with every night so Sheenal can do whatever boys trip he wants to do with Andy :-) (I am also saying this as a test to see if Sheenal reads my blog :-).

The boys had fun with their Nani. As usual, Arjun went right to my mom and gave her his famous long hugs. Shailen needed some time to warm up to Nani. Once he warmed up, he was pretty affectionate too.

Here’s a picture of my mom reading to Arjun:

DC Visit

The boys, Sheenal, and I made a trip out to DC so that Arjun and Shailen could hang out with their cousins, Leela and Veer. Also, we wanted to see my sister’s house since they closed on it recently! The trip was both fun and stressful.

I booked the flights when the boys were taking 2 naps. By the time it was time to fly, the boys had transitioned to 1 nap so the flight times were not the best times for the boys. Normally, the boys will sleep on the plane. Since we didn’t have the flights booked at the right times, the boys were very active on the plane. It’s hard to entertain 2 toddlers in such a confined space! The boys watched the ipad for a little bit at a time. But what they wanted to do was run up and down the aisle (which we let them do). Also, Shailen enjoyed rolling his toy car around. Sometimes he did this on people’s arms and legs. I tried stopping him from doing this but sometimes he was too quick  for me. Everyone was really nice on the flight to DC. Flying from DC to Chicago wasn’t so good – people were not very pleasant. The flight attendant on the flight back to Chicago did not approve of Sheenal playing with his car in the aisle. She told me about all the germs he could get from the airplane floor. I told her I was doing the best that I could. While I was saying this, I was thinking that she would rather have Shailen playing contently on the floor than him screaming while sitting in the airplane seat.

Here is a picture of Arjun listening to some beats on the plane.

Arjun listening to beats on the plane

And here is Shailen peacefully sleeping on the ride to Veer and Leela’s house (wish he did this on the plane!).

Shailen sleeping on the way to Veer's house

Once we got to my sister’s place, the trip was still stressful because the boys did not take well to being in a completely new place. Not sure why since they were fine during our beach vacay in Mexico. Even though they were cranky, it was all worth it because ….

of being able to hang out with Leela and hear her laugh – Sheenal getting Leela to Laugh. The boys didn’t notice Leela that much, but when they did, they would look at her inquisitively for a minute and then they would move on to the next thing.

Rare moment of the boys playing with Leela. They are rocking her.

And the trip was awesome because the boys’ had a great time with Veer. They look up to him and want to play with him and be around him. Here are some pictures of the boys playing cars with Veer.

Playing with Veer

Playing with Veer

And the trip was awesome because we got to spend quality time with Veer and the rest of my family. One night, my sister had a small party and they grilled out for it. Here’s a cute picture of Manpreet and Veer preparing for the party:

Playdates and Birthday Parties
As ususal, the boys had a lot of playdates and birthday parties. Something cute that Shailen does is whenever we go outside is he will find a twig to hold onto. He will be constantly holding onto that twig until it’s time to go into the stroller.
Below they are hanging out with Luca at the park.

Playdate with Luca

Hanging out with Auntie Tanny


Shailen looking so sweet (please note his daddy chose his dorky outfit)

And they hung out with their buddy Morgan a bunch…

Playdate with Morgan

They went to their friend’s Kaylan’s first birthday party!

Shailen at Kaylan's bday party

Arjun at Kaylan's bday party

And they made lots of trips to the Children’s Museum (we LOVE that place).

Playing with blocks at Children’s Museum

Favorite Books

The boys LOVE books. Below is the sampling of the books they like. They love looking at the pictures, pointing out cars in the books, and rolling their trains on the books.


We try to have a calming bedtime routine for the boys. We start their bedtime routine after their bath. Before bed we put on their pjs, they drink their milk, we brush their teeth, and read them a story. In the background, we have calming music on. Doing different points of their bedtime routine, the boys will want to play. They will start chasing each other and play hide and seek. Sheenal and I normally let the boys play a little since they are so happy and cute when they play with each other (I know we are suckers!).

Here’s a video of the boys chasing each other  – Before Bed

Cuddle Monkeys and Playing Together (The Good) and Temper Tantrums (The Bad)

Arjun generally has always been a cuddly baby. He loves giving hugs and will give you a hug if you ask him to. Shailen has started giving hugs this month. Shailen’s hugs are so sweet and unpredictable. I will ask Shailen to give me a hug. Sometimes he will run across the room and give me a giant hug. Other times he will run up to me and then smile and then run somewhere else. He likes to keep me guessing.

They boys are starting to play together more and more. They chase each other around, play hide and seek, and roll their cars side by side. It’s really cute that they are starting to interact with each other more and more.

The boys have started to throw temper tantrums. Their temper tantrums come out of nowhere. When Arjun throws a temper tantrum, his whole face changes. He starts crying and has a big frown on his face. He throws himself on the floor and rolls on the floor. When Shailen throws a temper tantrum – it looks like he is doing some face paced marching dance. Here’s a vide of the dance – Shailen throwing temper tantrum . Both of their temper tantrums are pretty funny to watch since they are such dramatic responses to something little that happened.


The boys are good eaters (knock on wood)! I’ve noticed that Arjun picks up food and uses a spoon with his left hand and Shailen picks up food and uses a spoon with his right hand. Arjun generally uses his left hand to play with toys and Shailen uses his right. I wonder if that means Arjun will be left handed and Shailen will be right handed. We have left and right handed people on both sides of the family. But since Arjun and Shailen are identical twins, I would have thought they would both favor the same hand.

Sometimes I blow on the boys’ food if it is hot before giving it to them. Arjun notices that I do this a lot with their chicken meatloaf bites. So now when I put the chicken bites on his tray, he will pick piece up, blow on it, and then eat it. So wild how they are so observant.

Here’s a video of the boys using spoons while eating applesauce  – Eating

Cute Pics

And here are some more cute pics of the boys.

Shailen has a tendency to take off one of his shoes while in the stroller. Thankfully, we have not lost this shoe – we normally can tell when he has kicked off a shoe.

Where is my shoe mommy?

Deep in thought


Arjun and daddy having a moment

I’ve noticed from this month that Sheenal has taken a lot “selfies”. Who knew he was following a teenager trend. Here are his “selfies” pictures.

Selfie pic # 1


Selfie # 2

Selfie # 3



15 Month Recap

My babies turned 18 months last week! I can’t believe how big they are getting. I feel as though everyday Sheenal and I are having more and more fun with the boys. Usually, right after we put the kids to bed, Sheenal and I will look at each other and inevitably one of us will say, “The boys have gotten cuter.” And then the other person will say, ” I know … I didn’t think it could be possible that they could become cuter.” Needless to say, Sheenal and I are definitely enjoying being parents!

My favorite part of the day this month is when the boys come out of the bath. Sheenal gives a bath to the babies one at a time. When baby one’s bath is done, I put baby 2 in with Sheenal and take baby 1 out and into the nursery. Sheenal will bring the second baby into the nursery after the bath. Whoever is the second baby, will come running into the nursery. If the baby 2 is Arjun, then Arjun will run to me and give me a big long hug. If the baby 2 is Shailen, then Shailen will run towards me but then will go somewhere and try to pee on the carpet. He has a mischievous look on his face when he does this :-).

As I said, the boys are big! We went to their 15 month checkup and Arjun is in the 75th percentile for height and weight and in the 50th percentile for head size. Shailen is the opposite – his head circumference is in the 75th percentile and his height and weight are in the 50th percentile – ha!

Videos of the Month

The boys tend to copy each other. It’s cute when one dances and so the other decides to dance too. It’s not so cute, though, when one decides to bang his head against the wall and so the other bangs his head against the wall as well.

Here’s a video of the boys simultaneously banging their heads against the wall – Banging Heads . I’ve found that if I ignore them doing this, then they will stop and run to me.

Both of the boys are babbling away. In addition to saying their regular words of mama, dada, and cars, the boys have said go and cheese. Arjun has also said bus. What I love is listening to the boys babble. Shailen is quite the babbler – Sheenal and I think that he is going to be very talkative when he is older. Shailen is also quite the negotiator. When you say no to him, he will look at you and start babbling. You can tell he is trying to find a way to get you say it is okay to keep on doing whatever the prohibitive activity is. Arjun, on the other hand, will immediately start crying when you say no to him.

Here’s a cute video of Shailen “talking” to me before bed – Shailen telling stories

Nanu’s Visit

Nanu came for his monthly visit and as always the boys had fun with him. It’s so nice the boys know their Nanu so well. They recognize him when we facetime. When they see Nanu’s face, they have huge, huge smiles.

Here’s a video of Arjun cracking up from Nanu putting woodchips on his feet. Shailen joins in on the fun at the end of the video – Laughing with Nanu

As always, Nanu read stories to the boys, played games with them, and sang Hindi songs (that involve tickling) to them. Here are some pictures:

Nanu reading to the boys

Nanu showing Arjun a book

Mommy’s Bday

Mommy’s birthday was in August. The boys really liked celebrating because they got to have some cake (probably their second or third time having cake).

Shailen enjoying eating the frosting

Arjun enjoying eating the frosting too!

Sheenal’s Family Comes to Visit

The boys also got to see their Dada, Dadee, Didi, and Phoi! Phoi is especially great with the boys. She had them cracking up in no time (especially Shailen) – Laughing with Phoi (I have to say – nothing is better than hearing your babies do their belly laugh).

The boys did a ton of fun stuff with Sheenal’s family. They went to the beach, attended an engagement party, and read with their Didi. Here are some pictures from the visit:

Arjun snuggling with Dada

Shreya reading to the boys!

Shreya hanging out at the beach with the boys!

Shailen having fun at the beach

The boys attended their Phua and Phoi’s engagement party. They were intrigued by the actual engagement ceremony for a minute. Then, they spent the rest of the time going up and down the escalator (who knew that could provide hours of entertainment).

Arjun watching the engagement ceremony :-)

Arjun getting a sweet kiss from Didi (disregard Arjun's bad haircut)


The boys love playing with their cars and trains. They also love playing with blocks, having mommy and daddy read books to them, and climbing onto everything. What they like the most of all is playing with daddy. Here’s a cute video of the boys jumping on daddy and crawling all over him – Playing with Daddy .

And here are more pictures of the boys doing various activities:

Shailen really into his race track

Daddy tickling Arjun

Shailen playing with blocks

Arjun being naughty and climbing on the chair

Arjun being resourceful - climbing on the lion to get to the light switch

Having fun with toilet paper

In August, the weather was perfect for the boys to be at the park everyday. They love the slides …

and love playing with woodchips …

and love playing hide and seek …

Arjun's favorite hiding spot

and petting dogs! Normally with dogs, Shailen will touch the dog with one finger while Arjun will try to grab the dog’s face!

14 Month Recap

Time is flying! The boys are already 16 months but here I am just now getting around to posting their 14 month recap. Enjoy!

Pictures and Videos of the Month

The main highlights of this month were the boys saying more and more words / babble and the boys interacting with each other more. Sometimes the boys are best of friends and sometimes they are enemies. I think their relationship now can be best described as frenemies.

Here’s one of my favorite pictures of the boys getting along and observing the beautiful sunrise together (yes … you read right … the boys get up before sunrise … they do this every day. the upside is that Sheenal and I get to witness a lot of gorgeous sunrises).

Looking at the sunrise

And here’s my favorite picture of the boys not getting along. Arjun likes to give Shailen a bear hug from time to time. Shailen hates the bear hugs. In fact, Shailen generally does not like to cuddle with anyone (not even his mama!).

Arjun giving Shailen a bear hug and Shailen hating every second of it!

Arjun & Shailen wrestling – Watch this video if you want to see how the above picture came about. Basically, Shailen was minding his own business until Arjun started chasing him to give me a bear hug. In the process, the boys fell to the floor. Poor Shailen was unhappy the whole time. Was I a bad parent to videotape this rather than saving Shailen from Arjun a few seconds sooner?

Singh Fam Visit

Mama and Papa Singh along with Saurabh (a.k.a. Mamu) came to visit! Unfortunately, the boys were sick for most of the Singh fam visit. It was nice to have the family around to help in taking care of my sick babies. And Nanu, Nani, and Mamu did manage to get the boys to smile and have fun even though they were sick.

Here’s Nanu dancing with Arjun (well Nanu is doing most of the dancing and Arjun is half dancing half watching) – Nanu Dancing with Arjun

And here’s Mamu trying his best to put a onesie on Arjun. Arjun was so patient and even tried to help Mamu. Please disregard the screaming in the background. Shailen was cranky because of his fever. – Saurabh trying his best to get a onesie on Arjun

Here are some pictures of Arjun with the family (I realized now that I don’t have any pictures of Shailen with everyone. I’m thinking because he was cranky most of the time.)

Arjun with Mamu

Nani and Nanu taking care of Arjun

Arjun sleeping with papa

Masa Comes to Visit

The boys also got a visit by their Masa! Arjun instantly went up to Masa and played with him. Shailen warmed up to Masa as well. The boys played cars with Masa and ate his banana :-).

Masa and the boys

Birthday Parties & Playdates

The boys have a busy social calendar! They have more friends and their mama :-). We took them to birthday parties and a bunch of playdates.

Here is Shailen hanging out in Riyan & Kaylan’s pool. I love when Shailen smiles like this. This is how he smiles when he is in a silly mood.

Shailen happy

Here are the boys hanging out with their buddy Morgan. The boys are playing with their water table. I think they have used the water table once this summer. Hopefully, we’ll get more use out of it next summer or I’m sure mommy will be getting an earful from papa :-).

Playdate with Morgan

Water Table fun!

The boys’ went to Reya’s bday party at Little Bean’s Café.

Arjun and Shailen at Bday Party


The great thing about the weather being warmer is taking the boys to the park everyday. They love going down slides, swinging on the swings, running around, and playing with woodchips. The boys will sometimes go down the slides headfirst or on their stomachs.

Ready to go down the slide!

Whenever we take the red wagon out, Arjun has the urge to push it. Not sure why but he is obsessed but he is!

Arjun pushing the wagon


Shailen swinging

We have ran into a lot of dogs while outside. The boys love petting the dogs. Shailen is pretty funny when it comes to dogs. He is scared of the dog but at the same time wants to pet the dog. When he pets the dog, he normally will only touch the dog with one finger and a lot of times he tries to touch the dog’s nose.

Shailen petting a dog


Arjun on a swing

Eating & Talking

So far the boys have been good eaters – thank goodness! Not sure how long that will last seeing that Sheenal and I were picky eaters when we were younger.

Here’s Shailen enjoying blackberries! He can’t eat him fast enough.

Shailen loves berries

Also, the boys have been saying a lot more words! They say mama all the time and they know I am their mama (that’s the best feeling in the world)! Also, they can say dada. And they love saying car (especially Arjun). Arjun wakes up saying car and goes to sleep saying car. They both also said bowl one day while eating (but they haven’t said it since). And Arjun has also said truck a couple of times.

Here’s a video of the boys talking / babbling – Talking!

Cute Pictures & Crazy Babies

All I can say are my babies are crazy – they are high maintenance, always on the go, and doing funny things. I find myself assessing which baby is doing the more dangerous thing so that I can determine which baby I need to go to first. Needless to say, these babies keep me busy!

My favorite activities with them are dancing and reading with them. The boys love Indian music and will dance with their hands in the air. Arjun bounces up and down when dancing and Shailen will move from side to side. I love how they dance differently. I see them doing a dance off in the near future :-).

The boys can’t get enough of books! Cars, Trucks, and Things that Go is still Arjun’s all time favorite. Shailen and Arjun both love Press Here, Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, and Where’s Baby’s Belly Button.

In addition to dancing and reading, another favorite pastime of the boys is spitting water out – Spitting Water Out . I should stop them from doing this, but instead I laugh. I’ll clamp down when the weather gets cooler.

And here’s a random video of Shailen being cute while on his lion that rocks back and forth – Shailen on Rocking Lion

Lastly, here are some cute pictures of the boys from Month 14:

Hanging out


Arjun pushing papa


Shailen reading

Shailen balancing on lion

Pooping together?


13 Month Recap

The boys turned 15 months last week and I am just now posting their 13 month recap.  Yikes – I’m behind!!

Picture & Video of the Month

Below is my favorite picture of the boys from month 13.  It’s a rare occasion when they are walking/running in the same direction.  Shailen looks so happy, and I’m impressed by Arjun walking despite his hat obscuring most of his vision.

The boys’ favorite activities have been doing anything outside, playing with their cars & trucks & Thomas trains, watching planes and helicopters in the sky, and DANCING!  They are dancing machines. They love bhangra music.  If a song comes on that they like, they will stop what they are doing and dance.

Here’s a video of their dancing skills:


Mommy’s Weekend Away

Month 13 was momentous in that I spent more than 24 hours away from my babies for the first time. It was really hard but worthwhile to make it out to DC for my friend’s bachelorette party and to meet my cutie pie niece for the first time.

While I was in DC, the boys were in good hands. Their papa, dada, and dadee took really good care of them. They took them outside a lot and to the children’s museum.

Here is a video and some pics of the boys while mommy was away:

The boys will run up and down the hallway outside of our apartment. They make lots of noise, bang on doors, and try to ring doorbells. Thankfully, we have nice neighbors who don’t care and aren’t in their apartments a lot.  Here’s a video of them in the hallway – Running in hallway

Here are pictures of the boys going crazy outside:

And finally, here are some pictures of the boys with their dadee at the Children’s Museum and with their dada at home.

Nanu Visit

The boys had a lot of visitors this month! Their Nanu flew in for a weekend. Nanu read them lots of stories, played games with them, and took them outside.

Nanu reading to the boys

Nanu trying to fit in the tunnel!

Playing with their cars

Having a snack with Nanu

Ricken Kaka and Purvi Phoi Visit

The boys’ Kaka and Phoi came to visit too!  They danced a lot for their Kaka and Phoi and Kaka and Phoi read bedtime stories to the boys.  Arjun & Shailen also got to meet their soon to be Kakee!


One great thing about the summertime is that we are able to take the boys outside a lot.  They absolutely love being outside. They love playing with the woodchips on the playground, chasing the birds, watching cars, planes, and buses (oh my!) zoom about, petting dogs, and interacting with people.

Arjun, in particular, will flirt with attractive women.  He has a thing for blondes. Also, if Arjun sees his stroller or wagon, then he will spend most of his time just pushing the wagon or stroller. Shailen’s first item on his agenda when outside is to find a stick. He will then walk everywhere with the stick.

Here’s a video of my cuties at the park – Playing at the Park

Here’s a pic of the boys on their way to the park –

In their wagon!

One park the boys love is the LakeShore East Park. On hot days, the sprinklers are on at the park. Here are pics of the boys at the LakeShore East park:

Arjun having fun in the water

Shailen on a mission – looks like he has places to be:

Shailen hanging out with Luca – looks like they are giving the “don’t touch my toy stare” – ha!

The boys playing on the boat at the park:

Another park the boys love going to is the park across from the Children’s Hospital. The park has cool train and fire truck play structures. They also have slides and swings that the boys love to go on. Here are some pics from this park:

Arjun in the background looking upside down

The closest playground to us is the playground across from where I work. There’s a playground and a track and field. Normally, when we are hanging out on the field, the boys get to become friends with dogs.

Arjun hanging out on the baseball mound:

Shailen having fun with woodchips:

Shailen meeting a new friend and mommy afraid the new friend will eat Shailen:

One of the places I like taking the boys is to the fields that are right by the lake. The boys can run around in the field or walk on the sidewalk and meet tons of dogs and people. Here are some pics of the boys at this field:

Arjun and the city


The boys are getting better and better with eating table foods!  Their papa is pretty good at making sure they eat a wide variety of food.  Check out the spread below!

Eating bfast

The boys normally have one snack when we are out and about.

Snack on the go


We made some great progress as far as sleep this month!  May 27th will go down in history as the first night BOTH babies slept through the night – yay! They are much better sleepers.  The big issue we are facing now is that they wake up at 4am.  One of these days, Sheenal and I will get some sleep.  For now, we function by consuming large amounts of caffeine.

On a really positive note – we finally can put the babies in the crib and have them fall asleep without patting them! This change came about after a conversation I had with my nanny.  I found out that she was able to put the boys in the crib for naps without having to pat them. When I found this out, I immediately stopped patting them. The boys put up a fuss the first night, but settled down pretty quickly once they realized mommy and daddy meant business and weren’t going to pat them anymore. Now when the boys are falling asleep, Sheenal and I will hang out in the nursery and say nightie night time, sleepy time if they need help settling down.

Here are pics of my sleeping cutie pies. They sure love their teddy bears!


The boys got their haircut yet again! I think they are now needing haircuts every 6-8 weeks. Arjun is a pro at getting his haircut. He’s calm and let’s Jason cut his hair. Shailen, on the hand, will scream and cry!  I think the strategy for Shailen’s next haircut is we will let him watch Yo Gabba Gabba while Jason is cutting his hair.

Arjun getting his haircut

Shailen getting his haircut

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day! The boys did the same old thing with their papa (i.e. play and cuddle with him).  Next year the boys will be able to make papa something cute!

Here’s to a great daddy!  Not only did the boys’ daddy pass on his beautiful eyes and eyelashes to them but he also makes the best meals for them, always ready to take them outside, and, most importantly, loves them unconditionally.

Shailen & Daddy:

Arjun & Daddy:

Big Milestones

I’m finding the toddler phase to be so much fun! It’s amazing at what the boys can do now.

Communicating:The boys communicate with each other by a series of laughs and hoots. Shailen can say hi, car, dada, and mama. Arjun can say dada, car, and mama. They can follow commands. If we ask them to bring us a book, then they will bring us that book! Also, Shailen will mimic animal sounds.  He will snort like a pig when I snort like a pig :-). They also will point at things they want. Arjun will normally point when he wants to play with the plastic tunnel or when he wants a particular book. They also will start to wave if you say hi or bye. Lastly, Arjun will shake his head from side to side when he doesn’t want anymore food or when he doesn’t want me to change his diaper or brush his teeth :-).

They know who their mama is: I must say the best feeling in the world is having your child come up to you and say mama and you know that they are referring to you when they say mama. Arjun and Shailen like to bring me books they want me to read to them. They will give me the book and then say mamamama. If they want something but cant reach it, then they will come running towards me saying mamamama in their sad voice. Of course, I have to help them out when they come to me like that!

Mama’s Little Helpers: The boys will now try to help me with things from time to time. Sometimes when I’m changing Shailen’s diaper, Arjun will pick up a diaper (a clean one) and hand it to me. Also, when I am putting on Arjun’s shoes, Shailen will sometimes bring me shoes to put on his brother. Arjun will do the same thing when I am putting on Shailen’s shoes.

Observing EVERYTHING we do: I’m amazed by the little things the boys pick up. I guess from watching us open the door from the garage to the apartment building, the boys see us wave the fob in front of the black box by the door. Now, when we get to the door, the boys will take the keys from us and try to wave the keys and fob in front of the black box. We were shocked when we saw Shailen first do this. They also know the basic motion for how to turn a door handle to open a door. Hopefully, they won’t master opening a door for awhile!


One of my co-workers said that the boys’ personalities will be pretty much set by the time they are 15 or 16 months old. I’m not sure what he is basing this on but let’s see if he’s right.

Arjun as of now has an outgoing personality and is my crazy baby. He will march when he is happy; run while bending over with his arms behind his back; always has a mischievous smile; loves to give big bear hugs; loves to dance and play with anything that has wheels; has an infectious belly laugh; needs a lot of attention from his momma; and is just so active. On the flip side, he oftentimes is quick to get upset and gets easily frustrated and likes to bother / bully his brother (he’ll take Shailen’s toys & pull on Shailen’s shirt to make Shailen fall to the ground when he’s upset).

My little Shailen is more reserved but is just as crazy as Arjun. Shailen is my thinker. He sometimes is looking out the window and is deep in thought. I’m always wondering what he is thinking about. Shailen can play more independently on his own. Sometimes he is off in a corner quietly playing with his cars. Shailen also has an infectious laugh and a twinkle in his eyes; loves to look at books and play with cars and trains; so sweet and gentle; and climbs onto anything and everything while your back is turned for a second. He doesn’t get angry as easily and is more independent.

Let’s see if their personalities stay the same when they get older!